About Me

Hi my name is Nikki Simone WilkinSun,

Creative Arts and Wilderness Psychotherapist,IMG_20190917_130958 (1)

Dancer and Celebrant.


For more than 20 years, Nikki has charted an artistic and spiritual path of dance, the arts and ceremony. Her main inspiration and motivation lies in promoting and achieving a conscious connection with the center of our heart and soul.

Nikki believes that when we remember that we are all one heartbeat, we return to our true source.

img_20190818_173801Apart from her training in dance, Nikki has been trained both in the United Kingdom and in Spain as an artistic therapist and wilderness psychotherapist

To complement her professional training Nikki has completed courses and diplomas in:

Indian, oriental and world dances.
Arun (conscious touch)
Alexander technique
Mindfulness (Full Attention)
5 souls
4 directions

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FreeSpiritMovement personifies the essence of Nikki, of her service and dedication which resides in accompanying and helping people free themselves from that which is blocking them from living fully in the beauty of their true  soul. The hummingbird is a small and colorful bird that is in continuous movement feeding on the flowers nectar. It is a symbol of unconditional love and joy.


FreeSpiritMovement enters into the mystery of  our being, to see, heal, channel and free and recuperate our true essence  and  soul connection. The wisdom of the intellect, heart and soul unite in an exquisite dance of pure love. and beauty

Nikki offers individual healing sessions, workshops, retreats and courses. She has been facilitating circles and ceremonies for many years that accompany and help people mark and honor the most important transitions, celebrating life from birth to death.

Her work is her passion, and she is dedicated to sharing and offering a space that, from full presence, travels to the heart and helps love to flourish and breathe in its entirety through the arts, dance, mindfulness and ceremony.

My passion

beach mind move“My passion is dance…  embodying and becoming… the movement … the  waves caressing the shores edge …  the leaves spiraling in the wind…. My Body ..  a channel through which … the landscape and life moves and is shaped …  a tapestry of  colours and patterns ….evolve… transform…”

“I am fully dedicated to this journey it is my lifes path and I am dedicated to accompanying  others heal and find themselves on their paths…in the dance of life. “

FreeSpiritMovement is a practice that combines and unites the diverse teachings and skills that I have received over the years, integrating shamanism, dance (from temples, whirling dervish, rituals etc), mindfulness, art, meditation and conscious touch. Among them all there exists a common thread that is part of the same tapestry  weaving life. It is in this universal connection that we break the boundaries of tradition and cultural barriers and allow ourselves to open up to a new era of universal awareness, understanding and integration …. Which is … FreeSpiritMovement ….

“An integral practice of body, mind and soul express, communicate, build, feel, connect, share, transform, create and recreate your reality.


“The wound is the place where light enters you.”


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My work is my passion, I am fully dedicated to sharing and offering a space that journeys to our heart centre and helps love to breathe and blossom in its entirety through the creative arts, dance and ceremony.

My Vision

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